Neuse Retriever Club AKC Licensed Hunt Tests

Our Neuse Retriever Club conducts two yearly AKC Licensed Hunt Tests, one in the Spring and one in the Fall, that gives our members and any others who wish to sign-up, the opportunity to put their companions through ability tests.  These tests are designed to measure the dog's training and ability to perform certain required functions based on the stake level that they are running (Junior, Senior or Master). The dogs and handlers are not competing against each other, but are judged against standard requirements set by the AKC.  They either qualify or they don't.  Dogs that qualify a set # of times are awarded their Title (Junior Hunter, Senior Hunter or the top stake qualifier, Master Hunter).  These titles, appropriately, are then listed on the dog's pedigree at that point and forever.  Dogs that are Master Hunters can qualify to run at the prestigious Master Nationals held once each year.  

Join us at our next Licensed Hunt test?  We'd love to have you and your companion.  Your dog deserves to be as good as they can be!  

Entry Express is the vehicle by which you can enter our Hunt Tests or any other Test or Field Trial sanctioned by the AKC or HRC.  You can register your dog easily by clicking on the Entry Express  link at the bottom of this section, set up your email & password, enter your dog and your information and select the Hunt test you desire from the long calendar list & sign up during the sign-up period.  It's easy and doesn't cost to register yourself and dog on Entry Express.  There are fees to run your dog in the Hunt Tests.


SightsnHounds Photographers


Our 'official' photographer for the last 6 years, Barbara Bozeman of SightsnHounds Photography

Check out the latest pictures of our completed NRC  Hunt Test through the lens of Barbara's camera on her website linked below.  All photos seen can be prepared, suitable for framing, of you and your companion in action. Contact Barbara for your prints.  

Photos will be up and available shortly after completion of the Hunt Test

Click on the below link and go to "Dogs -  NRC (Date of Test)"

Link to Sightsnhounds photograpy

Fall Hunt Test 2019

Sept 7 & 8, 2019

NRC's Fall Hunt Test Cancelled due to Hurricane Dorian

+ Event Details

Sept 7 & 8, 2019

NRC's Fall Hunt Test Cancelled due to Hurricane Dorian

NRC Fall Hunt Test **Cancelled - Hurricane Dorian**

 Saturday & Sunday  September 7 & 8, 2019

Neuseway Nature Center, W. Caswell St.,  Kinston, NC

Master A Judges:  Deb Bodner & Christian Ricker

 Master B Judges:  Robert Johnson & Mike Ostrum

    Senior Judges:  Paul Donhauser & Jordan Kane (Sat)

                                   Bonnie Cuddihy & Karl Blackwell (Sun)

       Junior Judges:   Bonnie Cuddihy & Karl Blackwell (Sat)

                                 Paul Donhauser & Jordan Kane (Sun)

Entries Open 7pm Aug 14

Close  11:59:59  Aug 26

Click on Entry Express logo link below to access Entry Express website  to sign up and enter