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The Neuse Retriever Club is a  group of folks that really enjoy bringing our dogs together for the enjoyment and satisfaction of watching them become the best retrievers that they can possibly be.  We  accomplish this by sharing our ideas, our training tips, and conducting impromtu training sessions throughout the area.  We  also sponsor and conduct both a Spring and a Fall AKC Licensed Hunt Test.

Our headquarters are located in Kinston, NC and our members come from all around Eastern NC and throughout Virginia and South Carolina.

Think you might want to join us?

Learn more on how to properly train your own retriever.  Whether for hunting or testing or both, the knowledge gained thru the association will only make for a stronger "team" between you and your retriever!

 Why not apply to become a Neuse Retriever Club member today and start participating in  our training sessions and activities.  You may also wish to sign up for our next Hunt Test and experience the great satisfaction of having you and your hunting companion Qualify  against the appropriate Stake's standard.

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Preserve game - Use a trained retriever

Retrieving Lifestyle Rewards

The NRC is affiliated with the AKC as a member club. In  AKC Hunt Tests, dogs compete against a standard, not each other. There aren't "winners" or "losers",  there are  "Qualifiers" or Non- Qualifiers.  Dogs that have Qualified the appropriate number of times in their "stake" receive their title.   These titles include: JH (Junior Hunter), SH (Senior Hunter) and the top of the class, MH (Master Hunter).  Master Hunters can qualify for the prestigious annual Master Nationals. 

Dogs that have titles,  have that title designation attached to their pedigree name and will  generally command  higher prices for their offspring.


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Neuse Retriever Club

Marian Dudley, Club Secretary, 7320 River Rd., Vanceboro, NC 28586